Homecare Medical increased trust and loyalty with their customer by combining an SMS shortcode with their professional services.

Healthcare & Medical
Email2SMS & Campaign Manager

Homecare Medical run digital telehealth services throughout New Zealand, offering free health, mental health and addictions support. They also provide after-hours clinical support for general practices across various digital channels (including voice, webchat, and text).


They needed a messaging solution to cost-effectively communicate with their customers. Modica was able to provide a two-way messaging platform that has significantly improved how Homecare Medical communicates with their patients.


Karthiga Kanesha: “My vision was a shortcode that was standard, so we can send customers a link via SMS and it doesn’t go through a spam-looking number. We also have automated opt-out messages which helps with our customer experience. Modica take care of all of this for me, whereas in the past, I had to do all the opt-outs myself.”


The net result is that Homecare Medical now have a much greater participation rate due to a trusted, professional service that is cost effective and makes Karthiga Kanesha’s life easier.


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