Why SMS Alerting is a Must-Have For IT

Stuff breaks. How often it breaks depends on a variety of factors – how well it was planned, designed, built and maintained has the largest impact on this, whether we’re talking about a car, a holiday or IT infrastructure.

When things go wrong (and they will), it’s how your team reacts that sets you apart from your competition. Your people and processes need ANY advantage and efficiency they can gain from best practice or technology. Here’s a couple of starting points.

Integrated alerting

It’s 3am and your data centre goes dark. A major outage with multiple customers impacted.

Do you pick up a phone book and start dialing the team? Leaving voice messages from one side of the city to the other?

No. Everyone in the team will have a mobile, even it’s not a smartphone or their data allowance for the month is gone. Integrating your service management system with an SMS capability enables automated alerting to the team, making sure everyone is on the right page at the right time. A far cry from the SMS capabilities of the 90s, today’s SMS gateway capabilities allow 2 way messaging – such as confirmation of receipt and indication of your team’s availability – instantly.

Incident management

So now your team are aware of the issue. You know who is engaged and you know who is unavailable. Your next challenge is to ensure that everyone knows what’s going on throughout the outage.

Do you requisition a room, set up an event war room, fill it with clever people and run 24 x 7 conference calls to keep across all of the complex activity?

No. SMS integration turns your incident management system into a complex, connected web, allowing communication with pervasive mobile devices without need for additional apps. This means that your team can get on with the job of fixing the issue. Action plans can be distributed, updates received, timelines recorded, escalations triggered, all without manual intervention.

Everyone is on same page, everyone knows their role. Less manual activity means you’re freed up to do what’s important.

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