SMS Marketing VS Email Marketing

Why would I use SMS marketing when I’m already using email? Here’s why.

I found this infographic from a company called SlickText in the USA. A couple of key points:

We’re desensitised to email marketing

Only 1/3 of us will open an email, the rest end up in the trash. It’s not about your message – it might be fantastic – it’s about the delivery method. 99% of us will read an SMS.

Quality beats quantity

High read rates mean you can reach more specific groups of customers with targeted message. 100 SMS sent means 99 reads. There’s no need for a mass email push. Plus, less campaigns = less cost and a much high return on investment.

It’s not just about text anymore

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages allow images to be sent, giving extra options to entice your customers to click through or respond via TXT.

As a business owner I couldn’t get past the read rates – if I’m spending precious marketing dollars on a campaign, I want to know that my message will be read at the outset – 99% on SMS is outstanding.

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