Modica Group Brings on a New Partner Development Manager and Partner Director

Intelligent Messaging Company, Modica Group, has appointed messaging and connectivity experts, Phillip Linder and Hayley Fisher, as Partner Development Manager and Partner Director respectively.

“The two appointments are set to boost Modica further into international markets. They have global experience and a comprehensive understanding of the mobile ecosystem. We have confidence this will allow them to effectively lead us into new partnerships primarily in Asia/Pacific and Central/South America regions, and secondarily into North America and Africa/Middle East regions,” said Modica Group CEO, Stuart Wilson.

Phillip Linder, Partner Development Manager

Phillip Linder comes with a background of 10 years as an executive and manager for Bulletin, a message media subsidiary company in Auckland.

“Phillip’s high-level experience with mobile, SMS, carrier connectivity, sales and management, sets him in good stead to represent Modica Group abroad to possible new partners with vision, while also understanding the inner workings of the business,” said Mr Wilson.

Hayley Fisher, Partner Director

Hayley Fisher’s background involves a wealth of experience in senior sales management, business development, and delivery roles in CLX and Mblox in the UK, US, Asia, and Australia.

Her passion for providing a high quality of service and commitment to clients, her team, and the company she represents has led to her excelling targets and optimising products and services globally.

“Hayley’s Sydney-based role will be focused on bringing to Optus sales team up to speed in A2P messaging and getting our platform as deeply embedded into the Optus and AU enterprises as possible,” said Mr Wilson.