2009 TUANZ Innovation Awards

Run The Red’s ‘Chief Technologist’, David Ritchie, has been named as a finalist for the ICT Innovator of the Year at the 2009 TUANZ Innovation Awards.

David’s groundbreaking work on the LTSA ‘Distracted Driver’ campaign resulted in a successful world first – SMS integration with a live web banner advertisement.

The solution needed to integrate several loops of video footage using Flash, a third party rich media creative solution, third party ad-serving across a number of different publishers, and mobile technology. All of these pieces had to work together seamlessly and return the required result in a timely manner or risk frustrating the user and missing an opportunity for engagement.

A friend get friend option was also included to facilitate viral reticulation and broaden the reach of the engagement.

With over 20% of people who saw the ad interacting with it – was a great success.

Several international awards were won, and it became the most awarded piece of work for the client and agency (Clemenger BBDO) in the last year.

The dangers of texting while driving became a national news issue.

The New Zealand government have since proposed to ban the use of all mobile phones while driving.

The solution contributed to the lowest road toll level in New Zealand in the last 46 years.

Not a bad result.

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