Admedia QR Cover Visitors

Run The Red & Vodafone’s QR promotion drew a strong uptake from AdMedia’s tightly targeted readership when it featured on the cover of the September issue.

The campaign promoted Quick Response barcodes that, when scanned by a high-end cellphone, take the viewer to a mobile website. The QR barcode on the AdMedia cover opened up to Flying Fish footage from the CAANZ Battle of the Ad Bands. The promotion also advised readers on how to download a QR reader, and offered an HTC Magic/Google phone as a competition prize.

* 146 unique visitors scanned the QR code and visited the AdMedia mobi site.
* The landing/competition entry page was visited 302 times.
* The video on the BOTAB 2 page was downloaded 107 times.
* And 97 messages were received with the keyword ADMEDIA.

Most (81%) responses came in the first five days after the magazine hit the streets. “This suggests the behaviour of the AdMedia reader is to try most things when they’re hot in the hand,” says the Run The Red report on the promotion. “Taking into account that the technology is new to NZ, the successful campaign demonstrates that using any mobile technology to advertise adds value at every stage.”

The most commonly used cellphones in the promo were Apple 42%, Nokia 22%, Blackberry 15%, Sony Ericsson 5%, other 16%.

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