Trends In Customer Messaging And Why You Should Care

We all know that the way customers prefer to interact with us has completely changed over the last five years and the rate of that change just continues to accelerate. So how do you ensure your conversations land in the right place at the right time to be noticed ahead of everyone else?

This is a more general “principles” post based on the conversations I have everyday with our clients. We have some content on the site that talks to the specific trends. For example, here is our take on the recent Comscore Mobile App report.

Riding with your customers

Perhaps the most important thing is realising that the ‘right place’ is as mobile as your customers are. Being there with them at a particular point is unlikely to be achieved by focusing on building systems and technology in the hope it’ll all be live and on station when and if the customer train passes that way.

To be consistently noticed it’s more important to ride along with your customers, travelling with the same speed and armed with the same flexibility to change direction. Staying on-board with customers in this sense means having people you can trust to keep you in touch with messaging trends and to act in your best interests with the same agility your customers enjoy. We’re here to help.

Email and SMS still rule

Email and SMS are as vital today as they were five years ago, but the best way to use them is continually changing.

The mobile phone is now the most used technological device in the world. Around 75% of people have a smartphone and 91% of them keep it within easy reach at all times. The amount of time spent browsing or on applications is now higher on smartphones than desktops or any other device.

Recognising the importance of understanding smartphone use and how it is evolving, IAB Australia and Nielsen have begun releasing a smartphone and tablet audience measurement report. This will soon be merged with their home and work computer data and by mid-2016 provide daily cross-platform digital audience measurement. We’ll definitely be adding that to our regular reading.

The preference is changing from pull to push
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